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1Jack opened the door________stood a woman he had never seen before.

答案:there 考查倒装。地点状语there放在句首,而且句子的主语是名词a woman,所以应该用全部倒装。

2________ (warn) of danger in the street at night, she had to go home, with a friend ________(accompany) her.

答案:Having been warned; accompanying 句意:因为被警告夜里上街有危险,所以她不得不在一个朋友陪伴下回家。第一个空强调被警告的动作发生于回家之前,故用现在分词完成时态的被动语态;第二个空accompanya friend构成主动关系,故用现在分词形式作宾语补足语。

3—My parents died when I was very small, and I started to make a living by selling newspapers at the age of ten.

—I really have much sympathy________ you.

答案:for 句意:——我很小的时候,父母就去世了,我十岁时就开始以卖报为生。——我真的很同情你。sympathy意为同情;同情心have sympathy for意为……表示同情

4My little daughter's wish is ________ (take) to Disneyland this summer holiday.

答案:to be taken 句意:我小女儿的愿望是这个暑假带她去迪斯尼乐园。当不定式动词与其逻辑主语之间是动宾关系时,不定式要用被动语态形式。

5The couple set ________ some money every month for their future use even though their income can only make ends meet.

答案:aside 考查动词短语。句意:这对夫妻每个月都存一些钱以备将来使用,尽管他们的收入只能勉强维持生计。set aside省出;留出(钱或时间)

6Faced with such a hard financial problem, Jack tried to stand on his own two feet rather than turn________ his parents.

答案:to 考查短语意义。句意:面对如此困难的经济问题,杰克努力靠自己而不是向父母求助。turn to向某人寻求帮助,符合句意。

7—Ring me ________ every day, will you?

—With pleasure. Do ring ________please.

答案:up; back 句意:——每天给我打电话,好吗?——好的,请给我回电话。ring up打电话ring back回电话

8There I saw ten children ________ all, two of whom were from Class 3.

答案:in 考查短语意义。句意:在那里我总共看到了10个孩子,其中有两个是三班的。in all总共,符合句意。

9Nearly every teacher likes students ________ obey and save a lot of trouble, although he knows that such students may lack the creative potentiality.

答案:who 句意:几乎每个老师都喜欢听话惹事少的学生,尽管知道这样的学生可能没有创造的潜力。obey服从,与句意相符。

10The project ________ (accomplish) by the end of 2014 will expand the city's network to cover 2,000,000 users.

答案:to be accomplished 句意:到2014年年底要完成的这项工程将把这座城市的网络扩大到能覆盖200万用户。不定式表将来。


We can make all the jokes we want about taking baths ourselves, but if we are ill in bed and can't get up, we'll be thankful to the nurses who help us get clean. While I am not a nurse, and have never given anyone a bath, I would imagine that it would take a lot of sympathy (同情) and patience to do so.

Yet those who attended the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems last month were introduced to Cody, a robot that can bathe human beings.

The robot has a base that can be turned to all directions, two human­like arms, and movable wrists (). It uses a camera to locate parts of the human body.  It then uses bath gloves to clean with a little pressure.

The robot was designed at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Charles Kemp of the Healthcare Robotics Lab is the senior researcher for the project. In a test run, Cody   was able to remove 96% of a test subject's dirt—not bad  for a robot.

But don't go asking for Cody yet—he's still a model.  Yet researchers believe that one day Cody may take the  place of nurses for this task.  Researchers say that Cody  will give patients dignity and protect their personal information. I suppose that would depend on the patient.  I'm  not sure whether a robot using a camera would make me  feel very dignified.

Even so, I can appreciate the need.  We don't have  enough nurses to go around, and those places that are the  most short­handed, for example, nursing homes, are those  that have the most patients who are unable to bathe themselves. Still, before I get there, I hope they think of a better way to solve the problem.


1The writer thinks bathing others must ________.

Abe a lot of fun

Bmake you feel thankful

Ctake a lot of patience

Dmake you feel dignified

答案:C 细节理解题。从第一段的“I would imagine that it would take a lot of... patience to do so”可知C项正确。

2What is the third paragraph mainly about?

AWhy and where Cody was designed.

BWhat Cody looks like and who designed it.

CWhat Cody can do and where it will work soon.

DHow Cody works and what has made that possible.

答案:D 主旨大意题。第三段的第一句话介绍了机器人的部件,后两句介绍了它是如何工作的,正是前面所述的这些部件使得机器人得以工作。

3We know from the fourth and fifth paragraphs that ________.

ACody can bathe patients better than a real nurse can

Brobots like Cody are being produced in large numbers       right now

CCody can take the place of nurses completely in hospitals

Dresearchers think Cody can protect patients' personal information

答案:D 细节理解题。从第五段的“Researchers say that Cody will... protect their personal information”可知D项正确。

4There is a need for Cody because ________.

Apeople are becoming lazier

Bit can bring down the cost of nursing

Cthere are not enough nurses

Dthere are too many nursing homes

答案:C 细节理解题。从最后一段的We don't have enough nurses to go around, and those places that are the most short­handed...可知答案为C项。

5In the writer's opinion, Cody is ________.

Aacceptable but not perfect

Bstrange but not creative

Cclever and strong

Dlovely and careful

答案:A 作者观点题。从第五段的最后一句和最后一段的第一句和最后一句可知A项说明了作者的态度。


A year ago August, Dave Fuss lost his job driving a truck for a small company in west Michigan. His wife, Gerrie, was still working in the local school cafeteria, but work for Dave was scarce, and the price of everything was rising. __1__ Then Dave and Gerrie received a timely gift—$7,000, a legacy (遗产) from their neighbors Ish and Arlene Hatch, who died in an accident. It really made a difference when we were going under financially says Dave.

But the Fusses weren't the only folks in Alto and the neighboring town of Lowell to receive unexpected legacy from the Hatches. __2__ In some cases, it was a few thousand dollars; in others, it was more than $100,000.

It surprised nearly everyone that the Hatches had so much money, more than $3 million—they were an elderly couple who lived in an old house on what was left of the family farm.  

Children of the Great Depression, Ish and Arlene were known for their habit of saving. __3__

Through the years, the Hatches paid for local children to attend summer camp when their parents couldn't afford it. __4__ They could see things they could do to make you happier, and they would do them says their friend Sand Van Weelden.

__5__ It was the Hatches' wish that their legacy—a legacy of kindness as much as one of dollars and cents—should enrich the whole community and last for generations to come.

Neighbors helping neighbors—that was Ish and Arlene Hatch's story.  

AThe community of Alto was rather poor.

BIsh and Arlene never asked if their neighbors needed anything.

CThe Hatches gave away their possessions to their neighbors.

DThe Hatches would like the neighbors to follow their example.

EDozens of other families were touched by the Hatches' generosity.

FThey enjoyed comparison shopping, checking prices before making a new purchase.  

GThe Fusses were at risk of joining the millions of Americans who have lost their homes in recent years.

答案:15 GEFBD



AHi, Bob, would you like to go __1__(swim) this afternoon?

BI wish I __2__(can), but I have to spend the rest of  the day in the library. I have to write an 800­word composition which __3__(hand) in on Monday morning.

AOh, is that for Mr. Smith's class.

BYes, I have to study a long poem. My teacher asked me to read __4__ in class next week.

AThat's hard.

BAnd besides, I also have to study  a lot for maths and history. Maths is __5__(especial) hard for me, __6__ you know. So I don't know __7__ I'm going to do it at all.

ATake it __8__Bob. I've been doing well in maths. so I'll be happy __9__ (help) you.

BOh. That sounds great.

AIf you like, we can start right __10__ I come back from swimming.

BOK, I'll meet you in front of the library.

AGood luck to you.


1swimming 2.could 3.must be handed 4.it 5.especially 6.as 7.how 8.easy 9.to help 10.after


As a boy grown up in India, I had longed to traveling abroad. I used to listen to the stories my father told me about her stay in Canada and trips to Europe in 1970s. My big moment finally come in the summer of 1998 when I was able to accompany my parents to Europe, where my father was to attend for a meeting. The service during the flight to Frankfurt was such nice that even today I can still remember them. The flight was really smooth and thorough enjoyable, even for someone as me, who is otherwise scared of flying.


As a boy growngrowing up in India, I had longed to travelingtravel abroad. I used to listen to the stories my father told me about herhis stay in Canada and trips to Europe in ∧the 1970s. My big moment finally comecame in the summer of 1998 when I was able to accompany my parents to Europe, where my father was to attend (for) a meeting. The service during the flight to Frankfurt was suchso nice that even today I can still remember themit. The flight was really smooth and thoroughthoroughly enjoyable, even for someone aslike me, who is otherwise scared of flying.






Dear Editor

We took part in a voluntary activity organized by our school last Sunday. ___________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Best wishes!


Li Hua


One Possible Version

Dear Editor

We took part in a voluntary activity organized by our school last Sunday. We gathered at the Culture Square, passing leaflets to passersby from which they can learn what the earthquake is and how to protect themselves against the earthquake. The leaflets drew the attention of the public to the damage that an earthquake can cause and told them to take action in a right and efficient way. Some made a public speech, telling people about the best place they can hide when an earthquake occurs.

We have learned much from the voluntary activity, which offers us an opportunity to contribute to society. We told the public about the situation because we thought everyone should be concerned about each other and take responsibility for promoting a public cause.

Best wishes!












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